Tests and Examinations

Periodical Tests and Examinations are conducted for the students of all classes throughout the year. The Test and Examination schedule are as follows:

  1. Monthly Tests are conducted in June, August and October
  2. Mid Term Tests are conducted in July, November and February
  3. Quarterly Examination / First Summative is held in September.
  4. Half Yearly Examination / Second Summative is held in December.
  5. Annual Examination / Third Summative is held in March / April.

Promotion of students in Std. VI to Std. IX and Std. XI are based on the whole year's performance.

Std. X (SSLC) and Std. XII students are prepared for the Public Examinations, with three Revision Examinations as follows:

  1. First Revision Tests are conducted in January beginning.
  2. Second Revision Tests are held in January end.
  3. Third Revision Tests are held in February.


Wesley Higher Secondary School, Royapettah, Chennai 600014