Initiatives of the Alumni Association

Our School founded in the year 1818 at Royapettah, Chennai has reached the proud milestone of two hundred years of its establishment in the year 2018. Wesley Alumni Association is very happy to celebrate this occasion and has plans for renovating and augmenting the old infrastructure of the School with new additional facilities. Many projects are planned as part of Bicentenary Year celebrations

Some of the initiatives taken by the Wesley Alumni Association during previous years are listed here:

The WAA was able to assist the school authorities to construct 10 concrete benches around the play ground for students to sit and watch the games. They could also have their lunch on these benches during Lunch Break under the tree shade.

The WAA had assisted the school authorities in constructing the Rev. James Lynch Hall, which is being as Noon Meal Hall for the students.

Wesley Alumni Association had interacted with the Lions Club for installing a Reverse Osmosis Plant for Drinking Water. This is helping the students to have quality drinking water at School.

In order to motivate students, WAA has been giving cash awards every year to the outstanding students in their field. Special lectures are given to motivate the students in their studies.

In order to motivate the Teachers, WAA has been honouring the Retired Teachers every year and has also instituted Outstanding Teacher Award to be given to one Teacher every year.

WAA has followed up with the Meston Education Development Association (MEDA) for constructing a new toilet building for the use of the students.


Wesley Higher Secondary School, Royapettah, Chennai 600014